social media release (academic purposes)

October 26, 2017

For Immediate Release Tuesday, November 7, 2017   Contact: Ameerah Shakoor HGTV Communications Director am.shakoor@yahoo.com   FIXER-UPPER COUPLE RETURNS FOR REVAMPED SEASON 5, STRONGER THAN EVER     NEW YORK, New York, October 26, 2017 — Power…


8 best doughnut shops in chicagoland, ranked

September 26, 2017

 This post was supported by Dunkin Donuts. Now that summer has officially come to an end (sigh), I’ve had a chance to reflect over the past three months. Being able to work and live in Chicago…


ameerah’s chili

June 17, 2017

If there’s anything that I’ve learned throughout the past six months, it’s how to be more appreciative of the little things. Having a true Type A personality, I often find myself so hyperfocused on my academic…


ameerah’s carry-on essentials

March 8, 2017

Many people love to travel simply because it gives us the ability to disconnect and relax from the stressors of our hectic world. While I enjoy relaxation as much as any other young professional, I love…


chicken pot pie

February 26, 2017

Change is an integral part of existence. Free flowing, change comes and goes with one scarcely being able to predict its arrival. An inspiration to many and a detriment to some, change (and the forced act of…


key lime pie cupcakes

September 24, 2016

As much as I’ve tried to avoid it, it’s clear— fall is officially here. In a few more weeks, we’ll be trading strawberry patches for apple orchards, t-shirts for sweatshirts, and frappuccinos for pumpkin spice lattes. Unfortunately, a return of…